Do you believe that your summer camps or enrichment workshops can:

  • make a real difference and stand out from the crowd?

  • help your students develop key skillset and core mindset for life?

  • offer your students an exciting and truly immersive adventure that takes them on a real learning journey?

If you do, ...

then it must mean that you are an ambitious and conscious Educator looking to bring a real value.

It means that you’re really ready to go beyond just yet another commercial offer packed with random activities to fill in the camp schedule. You’ll probably also agree that Future Learning is no longer about knowledge and not even so much about skills. It goes far more than that! Future Learning is about values and mindsets because only these can guarantee children success in the yet unknown future world.

My Water Lab - Camp and Workshop Scenarios by Natural Born

Every child can help bring about new innovations, new ideas, new technologies, and new approaches that will make the world an amazing and safe place to live. But to do this, children first need to explore who they really are as individuals, discover their inner gifts and talents, and fully express themselves in everyday life. 

And this is probably what you would like to offer your students too if you are reading this. You would like to make a real change. And this is where we meet - it’s exactly what we believe in and are really excited to help you with.

Imagine your camp helping young children discover their natural talents and work through their gifts. It boosts their confidence in self-expression which virtually nurtures their natural leadership skills - the most important asset nowadays. 

And it all starts at YOUR camp!

This is exactly what conscious parents are looking for. And it’s what the New Paradigm Shift in Education calls for - meaningful learning experiences, inspiring play and learn environments that offer plenty of space for children’s self-expression, unleashing their creativity that goes far more beyond arts & crafts. 

And this is what ambitious and passionate Educators like yourself are embracing today!

My Water Lab!

This FIVE-DAY SCENARIO for summer camps and enrichment workshops will help you address the new Paradigm Shift in Education and Learning

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Learning Outcomes

  • supports unrestricted creativity through experiments, body, voice, and project work

  • allows for exploration and understanding of new tools, modes of expression, and environments

  • enhances children’s connection to their emotions and understanding of their momentary expressive needs

  • promotes gross-motor skills and using the body as the means of self-expression

  • facilities fine-motor skills through working with variety of tools and equipment

  • supports reasoning and logical thinking skills, looking for new solutions and out-of-the-box thinking

  • promotes teamwork, collaboration and building positive relationships with others

  • allows children to work with a range of tools and modes of self-expression, and helps them discover the modes they prefer

  • helps children focus on the process of creation and release their energy through creative activities

  • prevents behaviour and discipline problems and helps children understand how they can best express their energy

  • promotes multi-sensory, experiential and whole-person learning

  • allows for safe risk taking and helps children notice their own boundaries and challenges

  • enhances children’s decision making and planning processes by offering a choice of tools and contexts to work with

  • helps children become the authors of their experiences, manage their resources, time, emotions and use their natural gifts and talents

All activities in this scenario can be repeated, reused and enjoyed again and again as part of your daily or weekly practice.

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My Water Lab - Camp and Workshop Scenarios by Natural Born

Water is one of the most powerful and the most exciting contexts, experiential tools, and learning environments. Children absolutely love working with water as they intuitively sense its deeply relaxing properties and its countless creative potential.

When you offer your students water to play with, some of them will immerse their hands in it up to their elbows, and some will love to splash and splash. Some will want to make impact to see the immediate result of their creation, and some will calmly observe how it flows and drips. And yet others will try to mix it with other substances to see what is possible!

So, using water in your setting will always support your students’ holistic growth, and it will greatly facilitate:

  • PERSONALISED LEARNING - water will give your students a chance to discover their most preferred ways of expressing themselves.

  • MULTI-SENSORY LEARNING & EMOTIONAL WELL-BEING - water provides a deeply immersive multi-sensory environment that will relax your students, soothe their senses, and support their energy release more than any other tool available.

  • REASONING AND CAUSE & EFFECT - water will give your students a rich context to observe the law of cause and effect as they experiment, try, test and creatively work with water and its properties.

  • CREATIVE EXPERIMENTS & HANDS-ON PROJECTS - water is always a truly hands-on learning context that will allow your students to easily see the immediate result and impact of their work.

Let your staff use water in your setting on a daily basis to provide rich and deeply nourishing play and learning environments for your students - and see how water positively affects their behaviour, their emotions, their understanding of the world, and their creative expression!

What You'll Get:

(all materials are downloadable)

This scenario has been planned around a very attractive theme that will help you contextualise learning and offer meaningful and exciting experiences for your students.

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    Single User Licence for ONE Setting

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About Natural Born Leaders

We are experienced Teacher Trainers, Educational Consultants in Child-Led Learning and Play Spaces Design, and Early Years Professionals. UK-certified Assessors-Evaluators in Child Care Learning, Development and Play (CCLD and Playwork), and in Early Years Professional Status (EYPS). Responsible for assessing the quality of Early Childhood provision in the UK as well as training other Early Years Professionals and Parents.

We specialise in:

  • Positive Pedagogy
  • Child-Led Play
  • Self-Directed Learning
  • Personalised Education
  • Multi-Sensory Learning
  • Cross-Curricular Education
  • Multicultural Learning
  • Entrepreneurial Education and Multilingualism

We have worked hands-on with hundreds of children of all ages all over the world, taught at universities and colleges (Kingston University, Canterbury Christ Church University, The Tribal Education Group, The JGA Group), managed own schools and early years provision in the UK, designed curricula and teaching resources for international educational institutions.

Throughout over 20 years of professional experience, we have:

  • delivered high quality teacher training sessions
  • recruited passionate teachers and childcare practitioners
  • organized numerous empowering workshops and spoke at international conferences
  • hosted support groups for parents and worked with them to plan personalised learning journeys for their children.

We have authored numerous educational publications on Early Years Education and Positive Parenting. We have co-created two mobile applications for children promoting early literacy and cultural heritage of Poland.

We're approved by the European Commission to evaluate educational initiatives and projects funded by the EU. We've collaborated on various international educational projects with clients from the USA, Australia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, China and South East Asia. 

In private life we're world schooling parents (for over 12 years now) adopting the Child-Led and Natural Learning approaches to plan our son’s learning and development.

Passionate about sharing the benefits of Personalised Learning. Believe every child is a Natural Born Leader who, when adequately supported and nurtured, will share their talents with the world and empower, inspire, guide and lead others to do the same.

My Water Lab!

Let your staff use water in your setting on a daily basis to provide rich and deeply nourishing play and learning environments for your students.

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